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Abey devil in the form facebook group mein itny baray essay wo bhi jhut k parh kese lety ho tum log?

Bismah Shafqat Choudary
For all those who are posting screenshots of their ex and exposing them on social media just for the sake of trend.. Mostly post starts with..I WAS IN LOVE.. Beta sachi muhabat hoti to aj dunya k samne dhindora nahi peet'te.. If you can't take care of your ex's privacy, whether he/she was wrong or not.. YOU DESERVED THIS

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What is the thing that boys should understand about girls and it seems to you that they don't understand?

Who's gonna tell these desi mindset men that a prostitute is the only one who sells her body for money. Not a girl who don't reply you, not a girl who wears revealing clothes, not a girl who do job, and not a girl who has male friends. And even the actual prostitute doesn't deserve disrespect. 🙌

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