Ask @Acidlacedkisses:

Hi esther rachel, i came upon your blog after searching for ballet claases at le grand. I like how frank you are with your experiences. And may i also ask if you found your dental braces a worthwhile journey? Was there any changes after the braces were removed? Thank you

Thank you for reading my blog! I had bunny tooth before braces so it’s definitely a significant change. Also, my jaw structure changed so i’ve a sharper face now :)

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Wonder if you get this too... but do u ever get this feeling like, you've been strong and trying to hold on for so long, and suddenly you just crumble and lose all that motivation and everything? I feel that now and I cry everyday because I'm so lost and I dont know what am I doing with life.

All the time. You’re not alone. But y’know what, i’m still breathing and so are you. Hang in there ❤️

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