Ask @AdachinYaoiLoverz:

What kind of guys do you like? Ada type ke? X'D

In term of appearance (come on, let's be real here xD), I have been wanting this "taller than me, long fingers, wear glasses" type since primary but somehow my crushes (primary school and secondary school) are shorter than me, don't have long fingers, and don't wear glasses x'D
In term of personality, I am attracted to this 'looks like he is this cool, quiet, aloof, matured type of person but once get to know him he is hella crazy and dorky but he still has his maturity somewhere in the middle'
Somehow most of anime characters are like this siaaa hahaha no wonder I banyak husbando x'D

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You're stuck on an island. How would you spend your time?

Uhm, most prob I would swim around near the shore (coz I can't really swim yanno) and lie down on the beach staring at the starry sky (coz here on land cannot see stars weyh got polluted by lights je)
//pretty much gonna starve to death so need to learn how to fishing and how to start fire hshshshs

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Who was your first crush? Describe them.

I had my first crush when I was--eleven years old (and still had it until I met my second crush when I was sixteen). Well, he was a little bit shorter than me at that time, just about one inch or something. His eyes were--are--so beautiful. The clear brownish eyes along with such long curled lashes. To be compared, his eyes are exactly like Zayn Malik's. That's the only thing I can remember about him. I last saw him right after we graduated from primary school so yeah-- _(:'3
I still remember his name though.

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Three girls walk up to your boyfriend, all of them holding children. They all claim that your boyfriend is the father. You are furious. What do you do? xxx

If I can think wisely at that moment, I will ask my boyfriend to explain what is going on, with me interrogate him so thoroughly, and also those girls, so I can get the ideas or hopefully, the truth. Though I think I'll be most likely to snap in any moment (either shouting in anger, or just cry haha). Wish I will be strong enough. X'D
If I cannot think at that moment, I will most likely start go hysterical? I am not quite sure. I do not have any experience in dating (yes, single since born yassss), so I do not really know how to handle 'cheating situation'. X'D

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