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بعتذر لو ازعجتك بدي اوصل 500متابع ممكن تتاكد م الفولو بس 😔🥺❤🥺

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How many followers are you on

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😺 What would you do if your mother told you not to talk to your best friend?

My mum would have her reasons and I would listen I guess

What is your favourite part in ackley bridge?

Not a fan probably end of season 3 Naz get into Harvard with the help of mother

Which of the following pieces of advice would you personally find more helpful when you're angry - A: "You need to calm down" or B: "Good, good, let the hate flow through you"?

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I think B personally I hate the word calm in that situation makes me more angry.
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Do you ever wonder where the people who ask you for directions actually end up?

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Nope I just be honest with them or if I have charge in my phone direct them to the direction appointed if they get lost it’s on them
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