Ask @Adilchagani:

Dear_____, If we were in a room together !ALONE! i would ______. Me and you should ______. If you hugged me i would ______. If you kissed me i would ______You are ______. i’d get your name tattooed on my _______.................Who ever likes this you must fill the blanks for them?

I have already dont this but sure why not I will even do the people who liked it the last time I did it

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If your girlfriend told you that she cheated on you....what would you do? Would you still want to go out with her? Or would you break it off?

I would tell her I am glad she did tell me about it because i rather be told by her than find out another way.
I would tell her I understand she does feel really bad and I would still go out with her
Because I love her with all my heart.
I rather get hurt in the relationship than for her to get hurt

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