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Fried eggs and soup? Now I have had soup. And I have had fried eggs. But never have I fried eggs and soup together. Do you eat them separately or are the eggs inside the soup? Forgive me, I feel stupid asking questions like this. Almost like I am a baby without any real world experience. :

▪️Separately 😂 not together.
▪️ My mom made soup but I want fried eggs, so I ate the eggs and later the soup. 😅

So, a bird tell me that you knew someone who makes your days even better, talk about him 😉

▪️I have always been a person who, with words, can be more open and explain my feelings better.
▪️I can say that I can be a little cold in showing my feelings in person.
The person I just met, I can do it more openly.
Of course I won't change with other people, but with him I am.
▪️Little things I didn't like very much, with him I do, like holding hands, kissing in public, even dancing.
(I still don't like to dance, but I'm in his arms, that's what matters.)
▪️I feel more comfortable with him, I only know him for a short time, but I have this feeling that I've known him for years, and that I can trust him.
▪️He makes me feel happy, I don't think that's the right word, it's something more than happy.
▪️He gives me a new glow, a new life. I have to thank him for that. It gave me a feeling that I deserve more than I had before.
▪️All the people I've ever met, there came a time after meeting them, when I got bored.
▪️Me with him, I'm not fed up, I just want more with him. I can't get enough of him.
▪️In terms of personality, he's more outgoing with everyone, I'm more introverted until I get to know the person.
Maybe I needed someone like him to change that in me.
Now if that will happen, I don't know. 😅
▪️He's super fun, I think my cause of death will be: Laughter 😂 Like the Sims 😅
I've always liked people with a sense of humor, but he can be 100 times more than me... It means I'll never have the last joke. 😅
▪️He agrees to make my ideas crazy. This is already a bonus. But I don't know if it's me or him who has the best ideas. 😅
▪️We have some (almost most of them) ideals in common, which is very good.
▪️Not forgetting that it seems like I've never been in love in my entire life.
I'm discovering it all over again, like a virgin. 😂
▪️New things I do now:
▫️Smiling at my phone while reading or replying (even my friends are fed up with it). 😅
▫️Being flushed whenever I pass him at work. 😊
❣️ I could write more but I think that’s enough for now. 🖤

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What's your take on this whole will Smith v Chris Rock debacle?

DovahMonah’s Profile PhotoDovahMonah
▪️Chris Rock Side
▪️I’m a person that believes everything can be a joke, the problem isn’t the person telling the joke but the person receiving, when they know it’s a joke. If they don’t like it, the door is there 🚪. 😂
▪️Apparently we're going to start hitting comedians when we don't like the joke.
▪️The Smith family is already a joke before this.

Músicas brasileiras ou portuguesas?

▪️Nenhuma das duas mas para responder a pergunta prefiro as portuguesas, as músicas brasileiras preciso de legendas para as entender. 😅
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Dentre todos os idiomas que estudei; percebi que o Português (br) continua sendo o mais complexo e difícil de aprender. Tem algum idioma que queira muito aprender e por alguma razão específica?

lion0231’s Profile PhotoFreittas
▪️As pessoas preferem aprender o pt-br e acham o português mais difícil.
▪️Italiano está em primeiro lugar, há alguns idiomas difíceis que não me importava de acordar amanhã e já o saber. 😂

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