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Whoever likes this thinks ur attractive

Can I eat you

ok no

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You make eating ribs sound hot

Heyy your so beautiful

i'm eating ribs

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A spanking

okay you're cool

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do you know what you need

What’s the coolest thing people can learn from you?

i can either be a bitch or be really funny. it's 50/50

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Who's your valentine

How was ur day


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Snap likers a tbh?

last time u got jealous or mad

well i was mad earlier

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do u think of people u wish u didn't ?


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tryin to find something to wear

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Highest streak


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did u sleep with anyone last night?


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What motivates you to get up on Monday morning?

matty of course

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What is the best way to relax you?

Which place do you find to be the most boring?

it sucks when you give someone all your time. & they don't give a shit, or can't even give you a minute of their time?

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R u going to the bball game tm

what grade is the person u like in

not mine

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Do u like anyone


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how r u


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i texted them & feel shitty now lol

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