Ask @AdventureISeek:

Is it better to go to well-tried restaurants and eat the same food or discover new ones?

Discovering new food is always best and much more fun! Having a variety to choose from, in general, makes things interesting and much more satisfying.
+ Eating the same food gets way too boring after a while. If I eat the same thing, I end up disliking that food :|

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Everyone has Christmas time traditions, do you guys have Halloween traditions though?

I guess so?
The majority of people only associate Halloween with costumes and candy (while other people find it an excuse for parties or whatever). So, "Halloween traditions" revolve around those two things, including decorations around the office/ house, candy/ gifts, dress up/ costumes, contests, etc.

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What do you think about sea cruises? Who would like this trip?

I've never been on an actual sea cruise before, so I wouldn't know. I think they would be refreshing and absolutely fascinating being out in the open sea. I believe they are one of the most peaceful, liberating, and tranquil activities.
I would definitely freak out with being surrounded with so many people inside the metal enclosure, but I think experiencing the open sea would be a time of reflection for me personally.
I think anyone could enjoy this trip (except those who are extremely seasick though)!

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