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i feel like a rebound, like he's just using make her jealous. i have high hopes that he does like me now, but im afraid i might end up getting hurt.

if you feel like you're being used then don't be with him. Don't let yourself be put into that position. you don't deserve to be used, that's if he is using you to make 'her' jealous. you shouldn't have such a low thought about yourself, if you think he likes you then just go for it. if it's not right it won't work but that's not your fault and you'll definitely get over it x-Y

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me and my boyfriend just broke and i broke up with him and now he is going around spreading rumors about me and it is turning my friends against me. I am also a suicidal country girl. I mean i know ways that i could help myself cope with losing my friends but what are some other ways?

well anyone who believes the rumors isn't actually your friend so you don't have to worry about losing them! just stick to those who believe you and back you up, and try talking some sense into him and if he doesn't respond then you just have to ignore his words because they honestly don't matter and you're so much more important than what he's saying about you. people who believe rumors are stupid xx -Y

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so me and my guy friend have this pet name for each other. i kinda like him. but i KNOW he likes someone else. one of his friends indirectly told me he likes me. i was like lol no. my friends knew about it and started teasing us. now he's been ignoring for a day and im a bit worriedforourfriendship?

don't bee. if he likes you then that's great! if he doesn't, then it doesn't mean your friendship is over.. you guys can get over it. even if it's awkward it'll be okayy after a while! -Y

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Can you share my page please!


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What do I do? I don't want to live anymore, but I don't want to cause my family pain.

you need to talk to someone, you can't just give up. Don't only think of your family. think about yourself. ending your life won't make it any better. it will stop any chance of it actyally becoming better. so just stay strong and talkto someone about this. if you're depressed or if something is bothering you then you need someone to understand what you're feeling. if you don't trust a friend then get professional help. you're not alone so stay strong! x -Y

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she also wishes I wasn't so quiet and she thinks that I'm very passive how do I become the opposite of that so that she is more attracted to me?

you can't change who you are so she can be more attracted to you. she should like you for you. you can always try to speak more and all but most imp she needs to try to just accept who you are. I think if she really likes you then she would look past your bad qualities x -Y

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My best friend feels like I constantly address her as a friend, we're best friends but we're more than that and we both know it. But although we know how we feel about each other no one else does, how do I show her and reassure her that she's more than just a friend to me?

well actions speak louder than more but you're going to have to talk to her about it too.

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Recently my good guy friend found out I liked him, funny thing is he has known for ages and he doesn't see me that way. he didn't have the guts to talk to me about it I had to find out from a friend. Our friendship was fine until "^^^^^" - I don't know if being friends will work anymore.

if you're friendship is important to either of you then this won't affect it. i think you should just talk it out and see were the convo leads. he may not like you back but that doesn't mean that he doesn't value you as a friend(or you him) x -Y

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-cont- And although I'm not thinking about breaking up with him, I'm terrified that if I ever do...he'll do what he said. Or, he'll break up with me which will probably make me feel bad too. I don't know how to take this lighter, and I'm not sure if it counts as emotional blackmail either.

Okay first of all i don't think your relationship is healthy because thats not how relationships should be like. If you're scared that he'll go through with it (which should not be taken lightly) then get him some help. or sit down and have a talk with him, convince him to get help. Don't feel guilty for wanting to break up or if he breaks up with you just take care x -Y

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I've been going out with my current boyfriend for almost a year now, but sometimes we have arguments. He said sometimes he can go psycho, but I brushed it off thinking it was a joke. We had pretty big argument two nights ago, and he said if I break up with him that he'll kill himself. -Cont-

next part x

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I went to a game with a friend and I got exited to go because the guy I like is a player on the team but my guy friend I went with bought me the ticket when we got there and then asked all these questions abt me. not sure what his deal is

maybe he's interested in you?

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Hi so there's this guy and he's being really mean to me. He's posting really mean stuff about me on social media and he constantly verbally abuses me. I don't know what to do. Why is he doing this to me? Should I change who I am? Thanks

well don't go changing who you are because of this asshole. If he posts something that you don't like then report it, and if nothing is done then try talking to him. Honestly if you dont like what he says to you or does then find a way to stop it, go to someone for help. He's doing this, like any other bully, because he's not happy with himself, just stay strong and don't stoop down to his level x -Y

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so I have a friend that I've known for about 2 years now and he's a really nice guy and stuff but I'm a little confused on the way he feels about me because he will walk me to class sometimes and at lunch and idk I feel like he flirts sometimes. idk.. what do you think?

i think you should talk to him about it if you wanna know whats up?xx -Y

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Do you need any new admins?

tbh it won't hurt, but you'll need to kik Lucy!! xx -Y

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ok so this guy has been giving me mixed signals like i heard he has a crush on this perf girl (i confirmed it alr its true) but then he comes and pinches my cheeks, calls me nicknames, sees me every lunch or after school, texts me, acts mushy and sweet with me like idk what he's up to its confusing

if you think his feelings towards you are all over the place then just talk to him and sort it out. tbh everything is just better out in the open so if you really wanna know then try talkin to him more and maybe you guys can discuss whats happening. trust me if you noticed how he's giving out mixed signals then he knows it too x -Y

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Hey! It's a lovely page that you have here. Followed! It would be a really kind gesture on your part to share our page ^_^ We are there to help you lovelies. We love you. #Staystrong


xx ^

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How do I tell someone I'm depressed and cutting my thighs? How do I tell someone that I hate myself? I've always had trouble talking to people and telling them my problems. I feel like they would just judge me and feel I have no reason to be depressed or cut. I already feel like a bad person.

YOU find someone who you really trust, and are sure won't judge you (not that people's opinions matter tbh) but you need to tell someone, you need help and the only one who can get it for you is yourself. you're better than using self-harm to cope with what;s going on. don't think your problems are petty or not important, even if there's nothing wrong, you can still be depressed and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. but you need to accept that you're not happy and tell someone so you can pull yourself out. you are not a bad person. you're a person going through bad times and i can honestly promise that it gets better. try to get help, talk to someone (anyone really) or maybe get professional help. so many people go through this, you aren't alone and it isn't something to be ashamed of. don't be scared of judgement, it doesn't matter. Get well, dear x -Y

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can you help me with masturbation, my friends have talked about it but i am not sue how to do it. I am 16

Eleanor Wilding

okay not sure i can help you there! google i think is your best option right now!! um i know that masturbation is natural so it's fine if you want to try it, but be careful not to hurt yourself! -Y

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What's kristina a kik its not in deception

oh so sorry!! i thought it was there. i don't know where Kristina is sorry /: maybe kik Lucy and ask? xx -Y

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I'm so dumb, ever since I was supposed to be able to read the letters got jumbled up and I couldn't read it. I didn't know I was the only one until I met a doctor who had the same problem. Up until then I thought everyone was like me. But now I know I'm dumb.

you're probably dyslexic yeah? and that's nothing to be ashamed of! lots of people suffer from that, you'll learn to get through it. you're not dumb.. it's a disease (i think, my knowledge on this subject is very limited.) you just need to keep working on your reading and get professional help! don't think less of yourself or your intelligence xx -Y

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I want kristina :((((((( Pleaseee help!!

nobody seems to come on so sorry! kik her, it's in the description xx -Y

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share me please?Im here to help anyone with anything.if you have a problem,want answers for a question,or even if you just want a friend or someone to talk to,i'm here for everyone anytime.Ask for whatever you want.i never judge and i'll listen to you and do my best to help.stay strong.Thank you xx

∞ Never.Lose.Hope ∞

I think I may like a boy but he's a couple of years older and we dont talk..

thenn start talking to him, get to know him first. what's he like? xx -Y

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So yesterday I confronted my friends sis about hitting me in the nuts and she was sorry about it but then like an hour later she gave me a wedgie but then when she seen me in pain shes likes "oh my bad, i didnt know that would hurt ur sack"

if you're annoyed by her then just tell her straight forward -Y

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So I've been getting bullied lately, and I like this guy. Well this morning I checked my questions and some one told me that I'm the opposite of hot. I'm starting to think that I really am... Help?

you're gonna listen to some coward anon who decided to take out their own self- hatred on you? well don't. people have different definition of hot and if you get bullied then i think you should stand up for yourself or tell someone. definitely tell someone. about you liking the guy, do you talk to him? if he part of the crowd that bullies you because if he is then he does not deserve your liking. You're beautiful, don't listen to some idiot who likes to spread hate. they're not worth your attention and time xx -Y

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