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She said, "love is a flower,
Fresh and lovely for a while,
And in a while, no more."
I said, "when a flower wilts,
It gives birth to many more.

She said, "love is fire,
Burns a lover and then dies"
I said, "when a fire's lighted,
It lights up and warms the world."
She said, "love is a dream,
When we wake up, it all seems,
Like the pain's intensified."
I said, "life is a dream,
When one wakes up, love is there,
To entrap you in its wiles."
She said," love is scourge,
One gets blinded, sees no more."
I said, " eyes aware of god,
To the world, are without sight."
She said, " love is hot as hell,
Love burns within it, cry."
I said, " hell is ever welcome,
For cleanses one of sin."
She said, " love is like the darkness,
Which benights us and destroys."
I said, " darkness is a boon,
For it hides the dirty world."
She said, " Oh dear beloved!
Would to god, your mind were mine."
Ghani said, " innocent darling!
Let me sacrifice it all for you."

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