Ask @Ahaana94:

what's your least favourite quality in people?

Their fake personalities??
The way they show off stuffs?
*This one's the best-"Gharke ke chuhe? bante bahar ke Sher?"
Two faced character?
Over expectations?
-Rest am okay with people's craziest,weirdest, ugliest side they bring up to me...all I expect is people to behave like what they really are from the is to short to pretend n behave like what others want us to or to die impressing worthless f* better would be to live out n love being yourself !?

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One quote that never ceases to inspire you? #staif

"My mother loves me for no reason,she believes in me in all that I do,a single scar on ma skin brings the hell down to her,no matter how bad ma days go she adds a loving end to em...
when am her everything, her smile,her strength, her life...Then nothing on earth can hold me back from being brave being her strong beta,her strength or her life! cz if I mean everything to her then am gonna put everything I have to make her feel alive and happy till ma last breath"
n this is how I cope with bad days...I cover my sorrows to keep her smile alive...I fall get up rise and get back on track n never look back?
she inspires me #EverythingAboutMyMother inspires me❤

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Something or someone you miss the most from childhood??

ummm okay...
when I was an "08yr old" lil monster? I met a mysterious Boy? who was of the same age(that's what I believe)... he would talk like as if he was sorted & matured types ? ...I would play with cars and he would temme.."Aaj yeh hai kal nahi honge main cheezo ko peeche nahi bhaagta I like to study and be the 1st ranker in the class".He was hell sort of a irritating boy & I don't even remember where did he come from,which apartment or society he belonged to?strange Right?
so we turned into besties? & I would call him "Poko"?.(he used to call me " keku")
I never tried to figure out where he resides or who he is...all I cared for is Ki " chalo koi toh dhang ka mila to play with.."
The strange fact was.. whenever I would wish him to be there like a Ginnie he would turn up and that used to happen only like twice a week!(mujhe laga jaise koi acha bhoot tha woh?casper types..u knw)
going for long walks,cycle racing,bullying, that pani puri race & stuffs we did all type of childish stupid things that kids usually don't do at our age like running away from the house & getting into an unknown auntie's house n asking her for cookies n lemon rice , Pepsi n yeah!chips too.?or playing KBC with a police uncle..
he would bring DC comics..I don't know from where on earth but he would get em each time we would meet..and a crazy tamarind chocolate!
This went on for like 6-7 months & ma birthday arrived .That was one of ma top lavish celebration & amongst all he was the only one to enter without a gift & a sad face?which I failed to notice & that was the last time I saw him...his last words were "milunga jaldi tum jaana mat"..his words sounded a lil sentimental types but I kept waiting for him like for 35months but we had to shift later.
He never turned up since that day & even today I wish I could meet him,I wish for him to return...he was ma first "guy-bestie"
& I still don't know what his name was?

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