Ask @AhmadShakirRamli:

My parents won't let me see him alone. Must go with them or get company. But I need privacy :( I'm 22 not 12 :'( I don't get proper freedom. I'm not out of control please don't be too worry or act like too over protective. 😣 whyyyyyy

Nanti bila dah jadi parent hang paham kot kenapa mak ayah hang buat lagu tuh πŸ˜….

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If your best friend confessed to you that he/she loves you and wants you to be more than usual friends. What will you do or say?

I’ll say im lucky ? Tapi aku lagi prefer kalau kawan kekal jadi kawan. Entah lah nak πŸ˜‚. Pernah confess dekat member sendiri end up things got awkward and we didn’t talk afterward 😭. So yeah.

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