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I don't want to get married I think career is more important for me but my parents want me to get married what should I do?

Imagine you are hitting 40 and 50s, you parents are no longer with you, your extended family has disappeared and are busy with their own life. You choose not to get married so there isn't a husband to support and love you nor there are any children to take care of you.
How empty and lonely would your life be.

Will anyone miss us when we are gone? Or will people finally be reliefed to get rid of such burden that we are?

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
There will be people that will remember you for a second and move on.
There will be people that will be trying to forget you so that they could move on for their inner peace.
There will be people that will slowly settle in their new routine without your presence.
Truly, we are just travelers of this Dunya. If we can only understand that we are just a speck of dust and the reality begins in the next life, then maybe, only maybe we can let go of our self-important and self-delusion.

I like this girl but I feel she is better than me? What to do?

Let me give you advice that will help you on long run bro.
1. First of all, do not degrade yourself by such statements. Almighty has made all of us in the best way and HIS creations are always perfect.
2. If you are a teenager ,then my sincere advice, don't do nonsense of liking girls and this and that. Turn 25 and above, make something out of yourself and then you can choose whoever you want in life.
3. If you are at the age of marriage then I would suggest to approach her with pure intentions and let her know or approach her parents/family members. Trust me, they will appreciate your honesty and sincerity more than anything else because it is all about respect at the end of the day.
4. Just be happy as you are my man, don't fall in these categories and constricts that Pakistani societies and people in general add on others. Couple of weeks ago I saw some posts here where nibbis were making fun of a guys height because his wife was taller than him. Truly you will realize that these people and most importantly these superficial kind are not worth it. They throw their insecurities at others. So live life with pure intentions keeping Allah SWT in mind and everything will be okay.
5. Lastly, this life is very temporary, so why live with these statements that only bring you down. Be happy in yourself, be happy with life Allah SWT has given and see yourself in a positive way. What you can change in your life, you work towards changing that and what you cannot change, why worry about that?
Good luck, May things become easier for you, Ameen

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How many crosses over a single heart will be enough in a way that one's heart won't feel heavy?

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
Don't know what crosses have to do with a heart.
Hearts are meant to feel heavy at times just as heart are meant to feel light at times. Dunya is full of test, trials and tribulations but at the end there is ease too. Heart is heavy, pray. Heart is light, pray.
Heart will only find ease in the natural inclination that humans are born with and that is connection with Rab.

I dont know why but i feel that my friends have been ignoring me lately. They dont talk to me like they used to do. Infact we hardly talk. And every time i initiate contact and send a text they talk to me as if they dont know me anymore. I havent done anything. No fight no nothing Idk why. Miss them

May Almighty make it easy for you, Ameen.
Learn to be blunt but with honesty, ask them and let them know about this situation.
If nothing works, find new friends. I'll be your friend. 😃👍🏼

Wouldn't it be nice if life were always simple and things were obvious and transparent?

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
Life can be simple and transparent, it is the fault of human beings that they choose to make it difficult and opaque.
Try praying all daily prayers and remember Almighty, hug your loved ones, greet a street cat, look up at the sky and let out a breath, be honest with people, enjoy things that don't harm you and you will see how simple this life really is.

Do you live in a place where racial discrimination is a serious problem?

engineerelghaza68’s Profile PhotoEmre.. (Evde kal)
Discrimination is a byproduct of culture and society which is why it exists globally.
For it not to exist, you would need to follow a certain code of conduct. Western imperialists paint a picture that secularism is the solution but you only need to look at their past to see the reality.
A nation that can adhere to the teaching of Islam can abolish racism but sadly no such nation exists.

I want to gift my mom some comfortable shoes for running Any suggestions? Staif please help

There are these shoes called slip ons. My mother has few of those, she usually wears them on long walks or for outdoors.
She looks tots adorable in them too. I think they would be comfortable for your mother as there are no laces involved, soft inner sole and comfortable too.
Footwear Walking shoe Grey Synthetic rubber

Truth is a naked lie. Don't you think so?! Reach an end and if you don't fall for the next trap, that I would say will be a real end, a truth!!!

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
Lie comes as a truth for those that want to deceive you and truth comes off as a truth for those that want betterment of you.
Somebody who aligns to the truth even if it goes against him, he will never walk on falsehood. Those that want to deceive, they would sacrifice everything to make that lie a truth.

Why do people try to be in a haram relationship when it's haram?

1. Unaware of it's implications. What starts of as friendship indirectly leads towards haram which is why it's important to address the root cause and that is to stop this nonsense of " boy and girl friendship".
2. Those that don't even know the basic five pillars of Islam, how would they be able to distinguish between right from wrong? Their desires get hold of them and all sorts of zina take place.
3. A honest mistake.
First time mistake is a learning lesson in disguise to teach us realistic practical ways of life. Some jump into this haram with a daydream that everything will work out like a fairytale, parents will be happy, a great future ahead, this and that. This is where the biggest lesson is learned.

Desi men are trash.

Okay, which man are you going to marry then bhen?
White men that have wife exchange parties? White men that don't wash their buttholes? White men that drink, gamble and cheat? White men that colonized your country and now your mind too in making you think that they are measurement of success?
Or maybe you want Arab men that marry four at once? Arab men that ignore their wives yet flaunt lavishness to Western women?
Or black men that degrade women? Who damage,loot and kill? Or asian men that marry your kind only to sell you as unethical slaves?
See how wrong it looks when you generalize something? It paints an imaginary picture. Apna experience doosrai kai sath mat milao, andaza hogaiya na haram kai anjam ka?


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