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ReemMohamedKhamis’s Profile Photo"رَاء
I dislike people who enjoy obscenity or indecency of any sort. I pity them because they seem to have forgotten what being a Muslim is about – keeping oneself pure and clean. Dirty or double-meaning jokes are disgraceful. As a Muslim, it's crucial to recognize your worth. Forbid and refrain from such things. Don't waste your Akhirah for this world's temporary fun. Find Halal replacements.
May Allah Almighty guide us all. Ameen.
I dislike people who enjoy obscenity or indecency of any sort I pity them

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tuqahegazi’s Profile PhotoBLUEBERRY.
I have a question in my mind right now:
Are we supposed to boycott Israeli products only or American products as well? If American too then what about Apple, Google, Netflix, and Microsoft? All the products mentioned everywhere are actually American. The World Bank should be included in the list then. I would like to be enlightened. KFC, Nestle, Starbucks, McDonald's, Hardee's, etc. are all American companies. If we are boycotting them then why not the other American products?

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I have a question, and I want everyone reading it to answer it to the best of their abilities. May Allah reward you for it.
Everyone, including me, suggests that we should refrain from celebrations and fun when our Muslim brothers and sisters are being martyred. Most say this in context to the Palestinian issue. But what about our own countries? Each day, hundreds to thousands of Muslims in different parts of the world are being martyred. Women are getting r*ped. Children are being hurt. Astagfirullah. Does it mean that life should never be enjoyed? Our lives have become a global village. News spread fast. So, we'll always be keeping ourselves up to date, even unintentionally, with all the sorrowful news. We can't even tune it down because our conscientiousness shouldn't allow that. What to do then? Can we enjoy it, or can we not? Can we go out and eat something good? Or should we become heartless creatures?
It's an open channel, so anyone can participate as per their capacity. Jazak Allah Khair. 😊

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Ahmednorthowed’s Profile PhotoAhmed Mac
The life of a Muslim is really important, and you can see thousands to millions of Muslims being martyred all over the world. Why? Because we chose to become weak and trust the wrong people. Our Muslim brothers and sisters are getting hurt, but we are busy continuing our regular lives. Astagfirullah. It's either a punishment or a trial. May Allah protect all the innocents in this time of disunity and division among the Muslims. Ameen.
The life of a Muslim is really important and you can see thousands to millions

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anamalik800’s Profile Photoعینا ملک
The world won't stop for you if your mental health is in turmoil, and you need time to relax and find solace or comfort in something soothing. It's a race track, which is why many people who appear healthy on the outside but are often having terrible health within miss the chance to excel or prosper in this life. It's like a puncture or bottleneck in their system. If you believe you know everything about a person you see, you are mistaken. There is always more than meets the eye. This life is a constant competition, a survival of the fittest, or a marathon, with the rest left behind or forgotten.
What's the solution? Keep on trying. Work on yourself. Stop becoming a people pleaser. Try to find satisfaction in your life. Pray to God Almighty and reflect on your actions. Don't humiliate your strength and potential by comparing yourself against others. You may never be able to catch up due to your slow pace, but In Sha Allah, you will eventually reach your destination. ☝🏻🤲🏻

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I was wondering, again, today that everyone has a dark side. I used to believe that there are pure souls even today. But so far, I haven't been able to spot any. It's just like everything seems good as long as it's afar or you don't get it. People seem perfect but are highly imperfect. It took me a lot of time to believe this. And now, I don't trust anyone no matter how they look. Still, I don't go on slandering them or something, I just prepare myself that they will be a disappointment like every time else. There's this Imam in a mosque where I have often prayed. He seems genuine. His Jummah sermon has helped me many times, Ma Sha Allah. But I felt like, he too could have a dark side. But now I have realized the importance of the verse in the Quran, which states that we must not keep on trying to find or display someone's sins. What I mean to say is simple, as everyone around is bad, then maybe that Imam is bad. But I have no proof, and I don't need to go on finding some proof to justify my intuition. As long as I don't know, he is a Momin. That's it.

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How did it feel when you got replaced? 🌚

saadniazi61’s Profile PhotoSAAD NIAZI.
When someone is impressed by you, they will find ways to get close to you and praise every act along the way. But it doesn't last forever. Soon, they lose the energy. They start thinking of you just like another human being. Nothing makes you special anymore. What stays forever is actually 'respect'. When someone respects you due to a genuine reason, it stays like that. It doesn't get lost even when they learn about some of your flaws. Respect must be retained. But it must also be genuine.
How did it feel when you got replaced

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someone is planning to go out with your partner & your partner can’t wait .

ujalaahniazi’s Profile Photocallmeujalaah
Yesterday, someone I know was looking deliberately at other women in a public place. His friend asked him that why was he staring at all those girls even though he is engaged to someone and soon to be wed. He replied "looking for more.. more options.. etc"
I couldn't take it so I told him that most likely his fiance must be doing the same in public. I said "She must be finding other men more attractive." He was speechless and in complete awe after hearing that. He didn't even think that he is not the only one with a brain to do it. Some people think that they are smart enough to fool everyone around.
The thing is, Haram finds Haram in the end. This is the way of the world. So, if you are doing wrong today then it's most likely that your future partner is worse than you. And trust me, it will ruin you. It's not a joke. He/She will cheat on you or worse. This is the reality.
So, enjoy while you still can, it's all disgusting and everyone will get to taste it in the end. 🙂✌️

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