Ask @Ahsanmalik00:

What do you hope never changes?

Although it isn’t possible,i hope that my parents love towards me never changes.i hope that I always get to talk to my mom.other than that,i hope that my friends (real ones) always stay the same.our friendship remains intact.other than that,
I don’t think that i have achieved or earned anything else of value that i want should not change.

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Your best moment of life?

It’s hard to say when “the best” anything happens. You feel so overcome with emotion that surely you cannot compare the moment to any other in a clear, unbiased, non-emotion-controlled way. I know I’ve used this term in countless situations and for labeling even more countless moments, so how could I know when I really and quite literally mean “the best”? And how exactly do you measure “the best”? All of these things may be true. I have several moments in my short life that I consider to be perfect,

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