Ask @Ahsantariq1:

Jan ki jan lenay ka dil kab chahta hai? Jan ki qasam hai sach bolna warna jan ki jan nikal jayegi #STAIF

A l e e z e h K h a y o l
Hahaha achi badmaashi hai bhei🤣🤣🤣
Jaan ki jaan nikalnay ka dil bohat chahta magar masla yeh kay jaan b to ho na koi??? Amma abba ko kaha hai kay kay is maamlay par ghor karein aur apnay b radar sources active kiye huay hain.
Bas Miss khayol, aap dua karein aap ki BHABHI jaldi miljayen ❤❤❤.

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Views on Flame🔥 update in Ask. Fm?

Zarak Afridi
Were you tryna send this que to any of ASKfm Official?
Because as per my knowledge I also just got the update now.
Well now as you have questioned, let me answer :
"Its seems to be a critical point where it would be quite unprofessional to give a review on this Confidential update, All i could say on behlaf of ASKfm authorities is

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