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hi i finded out that you hjave made some pokémon hack aka touhoumon hacks. i wonder how do you start? i ahve tryd takeing sprites and stuff but i don't get it working really well, if u have a guide or a devkit i can download i whould be happy for the help. i know abit of hacking.

Kanade Tashibana
Sorry for very late reply.
More or less I used tools and guides that ware found in
A "patience" is all you need if you want to hack pokemon rom

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Hello, idk if u still check this site, but i just got a dstwo card and i want to transfer the save data i for AW did on vba emulator, but for touhoumon another world, it gives me the 1M sub-circuit error on the dstwo card, but works for MMW, i saw u said you used dstwo for testing sometimes.

Yeah... you need to patch the Another World/World Link rom using
It will force the rom played in 64kb save mode in DSTwo GBA Emulator...

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Hi Achiya thanks for all your amazing efforts in the hacks you made my friend I have some questions to ask, 1- how can I manipulate the shiny rate in generation 3 games? 2- why does touhou puppet play 1.8 go crazy when opening advance trainer? 3- can i make traded pokemon shiny? how? thanks Hisham

1. Shiny rate can't be altered, they stay 1/8128... but you can force to make a Boneka shiny by change the routine of PID... you need alter the script by adding line before encounter script:
setvar 0x800D 0x1
2. Because in TPP 1.8 uses extra bytes which won't be recognized by A-Trainer
3. Same as the answer of question 1, you can add setvar 0x800D 0x1 before the trading script itself.

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