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Hi BSAcT student ko. I'm really insecure about BSA people. It's like others really look up to you. In every convo in ani na topic "BSA ka?" "Dili", they'd give me a disapproving look, kay lagi mga natira ra mi sa BSA. Ni try man ko. Nahagbong lang ko CEL. When will I ever feel like I'm smart enough

As much as people deny it, there is an existing connotative superiority to a regular person's perspective when it comes to BSA as compared to BSAcT. If you'd juxtapose them, you'd see that a BSA student has to maintain a 2.0 average or a 75% score which is really really high as opposed to a 50% from a BSAcT. You also have to have the fact that when people initially enroll, no one would choose to be a BSAcT student. It was all or at most, BSA. Nagka-AcT lang because of CEL. If there were no CEL, wala atang mag-eenroll sa BSAcT.
I guess people really look up to BSA people mainly because they're the survivors of the difficult challenges that were thrown upon them. A 2.0 average, a couple of CEL exams, difficult accounting questions. Not to mention, BSA peeps usually top the exams.
Your course doesn't label you. It does not define who you are. I have friends (yihee. :">) who topped the recent departmental exams even if they're BSAcT students; they were even scoring higher than my blockmates in Block A including quizbowlers. To be honest, some BSA students aren't even that smart. I know BSAcT students who are smarter naturally. It's just that some of these BSA peeps love to study 24/7 and thus with ample time, mastered whatever it is they needed to master.
Stop feeling insecure though because it just clouds your mind. Put bluntly, if you're dumb, you're gonna be 5x dumber if you're too insecure. I think what's wrong about society is that sometimes, we're too busy competing with other people that we tend to forget that the first person we should be competing with is ourselves specifically on how to be better than what we are now, and how to make up for our flaws.
Just because you stumbled, doesn't mean you've lost your way. ;)

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Aid, ngano nag USC man ka?

I was supposed to enroll in UST or UP Diliman, but my parents didn't allow me. I also hadn't thought of a course yet. It was around January 2011 when I decided to take up Accountancy mainly because I wanted a good pre-Law course, and I wanted a course where most of the people failed. I had no idea of the trouble I was getting into.
As a USJR HS student, we were encouraged to enroll in our own school for college. Being a "divergent" myself, I went to USC because as far as I've studied, it's the best Accountancy school here in Cebu, and I wasn't wrong. Layo ra jud ang other schools when it comes to board exams. :D

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Ngano diay na inyo party SPP? Puros naman na Mr. and Ms. Huna hunaa sad tawn kung unsay council kung sila makasulod. wake up your party oy! Sayang

It seems like people these days tend to degrade people who had joined pageants, as if he/she is a person of lower status than others. Fact is: they're willing to serve the student body, they still have their own ideals and principles, they have their projects and plans that they want to come into fruition for the university, and I'm pretty much sure they can do a better job than you had ever done or will ever do. I've worked with people who have been in pageants such as Brad Lim and Jessa Mangubat, and they're two of the most hardworking people I've ever worked with.
It's too judgmental of you to make your presumption that way. >.>

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taas kaykag sa imong self.

Tingin ko sa sarili ko: Hindi ako magaling, marunong lang.
Marunong lang sa accounting kaya umabot ng 5th year sa Accountancy at napapasali (at nasswertehang manalo) sa mga quizbowls, marunong sumayaw, marunong magsulat ng mga talatang umaabot ng one hundred thousand views ayon sa blog ko, marunong magsalita nang maayos kaya nanalo ng 1st place sa Extemporaneous Speaking at naging Best Speaker pa sa Case Study.
Sakto lang. ;)

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Ngano maibog man ta sa taw nga dili maato?

It's not that we fell in love with people who are unattainable. It's just that we fell in love with people who had coincidentally failed to reciprocate our feelings for them. We have to understand that as human beings, we are bound by the notion that we should satisfy our individual necessities and desires, and that includes people who make us feel giddy inside.That is why we like them. That is why we fall for them.
However, it's a two-way thing, and it's just sad that the people who make us feel this way don't feel the same way with us. Regardless of how hard we strive in order for us to be nearly-perfect for them in their eyes, we just can't. We can't alter their preferences nor can we alter their feelings for us. No matter how many gifts we present them or how many traits we have had to change, it just doesn't cut it.
We just have to live by the fact that this requires a reciprocation of similar feelings, and most of the time, we're just left in the middle of the intersection, waiting for a sun on midnight.

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Define love.

Love is being able to change who you are for the better for someone. Love is being able to believe in every word the other says without doubt. Love is being able to have faith on the other that he could do what he can to be better and that it doesn't happen overnight or that the process usually happens overtime. Love is staying even when the waters get rough because what are stars without a little darkness.
Love is adjusting yourself for the other and finding a compromise between your two perspectives. Love is about being engrossed in a feeling that only the two of you exist in that world, and that no matter how many times trouble comes, there's always a resolution and that there are always better days to help you stay more grounded.
Love is about being selfless and understanding that some dreams can no longer be fulfilled because there's a greater purpose in love than fulfilling some other dream. Love is about the sacrifices we take and realizing that this world is better taken over with a hand held rather than alone.
Love is taking care of someone so deeply that even when you're miles apart, you see to it that the happiness is there and that you only want what's best. Love is about taking time and see how time can strengthen you both. Love is taking the risk that when we love, we get both sides of the story - the hurt and the joy. Regardless, we stay and stick through every experience.

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