Ask @AidFirst:

What kills us and what makes us eternal?

We get killed when we succumb to our fears, the hate and the negativity. We get killed when these things swallow us wholly like a shark that shreds its prey, tearing him limb from limb until what's left is a crimson pool in blue waves. We get killed when we stay inside that void like how we've seemingly entered into a black hole in some faraway galaxy; that we realize we're no better than light which couldn't even escape from its pull.
What makes us eternal is what we do to people or what we do for people to see and witness and hear about, may these actions be positive or negative. We become eternal when their memory of us is etched in their mind; that whenever the sound of our name travels through their ears, that memory recurs like a rerun of an episode of Friends.

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Define love.

Love is being able to change who you are for the better for someone. Love is being able to believe in every word the other says without doubt. Love is being able to have faith on the other that he could do what he can to be better and that it doesn't happen overnight or that the process usually happens overtime. Love is staying even when the waters get rough because what are stars without a little darkness.
Love is adjusting yourself for the other and finding a compromise between your two perspectives. Love is about being engrossed in a feeling that only the two of you exist in that world, and that no matter how many times trouble comes, there's always a resolution and that there are always better days to help you stay more grounded.
Love is about being selfless and understanding that some dreams can no longer be fulfilled because there's a greater purpose in love than fulfilling some other dream. Love is about the sacrifices we take and realizing that this world is better taken over with a hand held rather than alone.
Love is taking care of someone so deeply that even when you're miles apart, you see to it that the happiness is there and that you only want what's best. Love is about taking time and see how time can strengthen you both. Love is taking the risk that when we love, we get both sides of the story - the hurt and the joy. Regardless, we stay and stick through every experience.

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