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L honest thoughts: whenever your answers pops on my wall and I see your display, mere andar ki roh jaag jati hai aur mai ye message karte karte ruk jati hon "are you into kpop? Are you into k dramas? What's your bias?" but I never did dunno why :p

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Hahaha finally you did XD
Yr I'm neither into kpop nor i watch k-dramas. Thora boht i do listen to kpop. And regarding my display photo so yeah I admire BTS 💜

I'm hurt because I'm trying to say 'no' and don't wanna force things. But people make you feel bad for this sometimes.

Stay firm to your "NO". Stay firm to your boundaries. Their reaction is exactly the sign why you need to set boundaries at first place. Toxic and manipulative behavior can make you feel like you did something wrong, even when you know you didn't.


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