Ask @Aimanharoon:

Thoughts on meesha shafi leaks?

Safi سالار❀
So #MeeshaShafi accused #AliZafar for sexual harassment, and all those Meesha's "Sastay Followers and fans" are targeting Ali Zafar on that without getting any proof just because sexual harassment is hot topic these days and as a male Ali Zafar can be a molester. Like wtf? She mentioned "Ali Zafar" harassed her multiple times. Like seriously? Why didn't she speak up on first attempt? Pehlay maza a ra tha? Ajeeb. But please, everyone, don't just start hurling shit at someone because a lady is accusing a man for something.
Give Ali Zafar a chance to clarify, dont make judgments on the basis of one side of the story.
I will call it bias.

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