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aqsazubair5’s Profile PhotoTrouble Maker‍
TBH the best person on the earth😍 you are the one who loves me the most♥️😻care for me the most🥰, when ever i am not around miss me the most 💕🥺 I just want to say that I love you cutie 😻 my laughter buddy, my Bestfriend, my little, my yo bro,my story listener,my dance partner ( jo dono ko nhi aata or ik dusry pe hnsny k liye krty hn) 😂😂 love the way you treat me❤️❤️ May you stay happy forever and ever🤗😚 umm and Stay same buddy 🔥

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Thought’s on anyone ?👻

maaznazeer’s Profile PhotoJerry.♡
Hey @aqsazubair5
Happy Best Friends Day Love❤️🤩 So where do I start from, I am blessed to have a sister like you 💕👭 Words really can't express what u mean to me.😔😘 We are not just sisters but also the bestest of friends and the most beautiful part of our relationship is that we look forward to each other to share what happened in the day!🤩😍You are the craziest person, I have never seen someone like you, you are a pure soul 😻😽 You are just like that song, Koi Roke Koi Aaye
Jitna Bhi Mujhko Samjhaaye
Main Na Sunoongi Kabhi
Apne Hi Dhun Mein Rehti Hoon
Main Pagli Hoon Main Ziddi Hoon
Kehte Hain Yeh To Sabhi
Koi Nahin Jaana Ke Armaan Kya Hai Mera
Chale Jaise Hawaein Sanan Sanan
Ude Jaise Parinde Gagan Gagan😁😂 I feel lucky to share this bond with you! I m happy that I grew up with u in the same house (which got us closer ) and we not only got to stay with each other in childhood but also in our teens and in the coming years too!💛🧡💚💜💙 Thank you for the support u offer me always 💞 Nothing felt more right than having you by my side through all my joy, my sorrow, my silliness, and every little thing and I can never thank you enough for that!🙌🤟 You’re beyond beautiful👩💋 If I could give you one thing in life I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes only then would you realize how special you are to me😌❤️ #Staysafe #StayBeautiful #Staysame #Loveyamore #Happybffday #Chotiaami

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Thoughts 💭

shamayam_fatima’s Profile PhotoS H A M A Y A M
Hey Janaan:
Day spend without talking to you is a day wasted for me 😉 Love the way you are😍 you are beautiful inside out 💕 you always support me no matter what 💖 you make me feel proud on myself 💘 you always make me feel special, you have got a heart of gold 💛💛
Miss you so much ☹ Miss the fun we had together 😔

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