Ask @AinahFatima339:

Describe your best friend? 😌

Okay so. Recently, the thing I've been most appreciating in my bestfriend is her patience with me. Like how she sticks with me, knowing, what I am doing is wrong according to her values. And lowkey I know it is wrong too. But everyone comes into this world with their own set of sins. And no one is to judge no one. But judging is easier than the predicament of controlling. Kher. People leave. Often. But the art of getting by is rare. And I have found such a person. Who'd tell me all day round how what I am doing is wrong knowing all my reasons. But supports me in front of others. Cause tbh, this is a kind of person who understands this life. How life screws you up, and how you go all maniac. Who understands both parts of the story. And not just I like her for how she shields me. But I admire her more for the kind of person she is.

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Did your dreams change after you became adults or are still the same childhood dreams? ️️️️.

Dreams are a curse. I have never dreamt. It's like I have never had crushes because I don't like running after things I can't get or if there is a slight chance of somewhat rejection. Same way, I didn't dream to eliminate any chance of getting hurt.

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