Ask @Ainiwaffles:

What's your biggest dream right now? 😁

Lets start small with definitely achieveable ones and go down the list lol!
Snagging another community manager position for a gaming company I like - i miss working in the game industry and I realize that’s where I truly felt at home!
Getting on the right medication and beating the rest of my depression/anxiety/attention disorders.
Starting to draw and craft again and coming up with a fun and unique line of items to sell for lolita fashion again
Studying art seriously, learning the right basics and programs so I can reach my full potential - maybe school for this?
Learning Japanese.
Find and buy all the fashion pieces I want for a good price!
Finding a treasure and have limitless spending abilities so everyone I love will never have to work a day in their lives again!

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How'd you describe your morning routine? 😁

Get ripped out of sweet comfortable sleep by cries from my cat. Slowly curse my existence and crawl out of bed when I can’t take it anymore. Zombified and half drunk on sleep I drag myself into the kitchen. Eyes barely open I grab the closest cat food can and struggle to open it. I manage to get most of it into the food bowl, some of it usually lands on my hands so I have to brave the icy water om the faucet, task done! I drag my weary body to the restroom, ignoring my hubby’s bath time and the blinding light, before getting back into my heavenly warm bed. I put on Disneys Hercules and forward it to the point where he meets Phil and the montage song begins. I set the alarm for 36 minutes. “From zero to hero” lulls me back to sleep and I cling to those minutes like my life depends on it. 3 minutes before my alarm goes off my husband yells at me to get out of bed from the shower.
3 precious minutes lost. Sighing, I pet the fat cat that has snuggled next to me after I successfully fed and satisfied her - loathing her fat ass because she can continue to sleep all day, then I pull myself out of bed.
Another day begins.

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Howd you describe your morning routine

How often do you change your hairstyle?

I don’t change my real hair and have no plans on doing so! I only maintain my blonde color by bleaching it and my bangs by getting those cut regularly.
I’m trying to grow out my length as much as I can!
I do get updos or curls for events and might even pop on a wig for special occasions or when I think it will add to my outfit!
Pic is a pink wig to complement the print on my dress! ✨💗✨

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How often do you change your hairstyle

Which photo do you like the most?

I guess this would be a photo I took or of me? Let me think!
I took a ton of nice pics in the past 6 months and my weight loss is very visible in them, so some pics I would refer to have recently fallen out of davor because I feel I look hella chubbs in them now! So I’ll go with this shot from the bavarain Valhalla! The sunset was absolutely stunning and the fog that rolled in on that day made everything look even more magical! What an experience that was!

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Which photo do you like the most

If you were to get a tattoo today, what would you get and where would you have it placed?

I wanted a barcode with the date of my accident on my neck in the hairline lol! but hell naw to that now! No tattoos for me, I know I’d start to dislike them agter a while snd they would never match my outfits do I’ll pass!
If I want a reminder of my second lease on life I got pictures instead!

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If you were to get a tattoo today what would you get and where would you have it