Ask @Ainiwaffles:

How'd you describe the experience of maintaining your own hair? 🤔 Haha

I am naturally brunette but I definitely want to stay blonde so I get the roots bleached monthly!
Also as soon as the roots grow out a bit my hair starts to produce more oil so I need to constantly switch up my shampoo routine!
Bangs also need to be constantly retrimmed and styled daily or I look dumb lol!
However I’m super happy with how it looks so it’s worth the hassle!

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did you go to prom?

It was also my first time getting drunk with my best friend!
Also I threatened my prom date that I’d stalk him if he wouldn’t be my date. I guess me being scary is the only reason I had a date... ditched that dude moments after the obligatory first dance haha
Enjoy this ancient picture with a dope watermark because they only sold physical copies and who knows where those are!

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