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What side are you on about the new Lion King Movie about it technically not being Live Action, due to everything being CGI?

Adam Powell
Picking sides is dumb. I think this is the first time all the characters from a Disney remake are animated, even Jungle Book had a live-actor for Mowgli, so we can't call it "a live-action adaptation" (unlike the theatre version). I don't know if they used some real enviroments or they are just photorealistic.
I am unaware of how close it will be to the original, but previous Disney remakes at least TRIED to show something different in their teasers. Belle Watson's teasers were just shots from the empty castle and Dumbo shows big-name actors for characters that weren't in the original, or at least secondaries.
The Lion King teaser looks like a demo reel. More like "look how or visual effects look now" to show investors than a real film. They just recreated some iconic shots with CGI, without showing characters like Scar, Timon or Pumba. So there is no point of calling it a "trailer" when it's actually a glorified teaser.

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What are your thoughts on the Detective Pikachu Movie trailer?

Adam Powell
It looks weird but good! Ryan Reynolds has proven to be a funny actor when he doesn't just Memepool around, Alex Hirsch helped with the screenplay and FINALLY we are having modern Nintendo live-action films. I like how they found a middle point between the original designs and realistic reinterpretations. This has the potential of becoming a shared universe that could cover any genre with Pokemon in them (and maybe Digimon becomes its DCEU).

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What’s your thoughts on Universal rebooting the Shrek and Puss In Boots franchises?

Adam Powell
First of all, both DreamWorks and Illumination are part of Universal. So it could be a Disney/Pixar case of interchanging people to the point you can confuse which studio's is which film, like Brave being more Disneyesque than Wreck-it Ralph.
Main difference with Disney/Pixar is that Universal (DreamWorks/Illumination) doesn't have such talented people. Sergio Pablos left after a single film while the only noteworthy DW films lately have been some sequels and Captain Underpants in my opinion.
Taking in mind that every movie after Shrek 2 could have easily been a soft-reboot, this one won't be too different. It is even maintaining the same cast, they aren't getting too crazy. This will basically be Shrek 5, but following an alternative timeline from Forever After and changing a bit more stuff than Puss or the post-2 sequels.

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What were your thoughts on the Final Smash Bros Ultimate Direct before the game comes out?

Adam Powell
People sharpen their knives when I am asked about Smash or Lawl, but they always assume wrong ideas when I don't say anything. And you literally asked, so at least someone cares... I don't have a Switch and don't plan to buy one, at least for years. I have no time to play with it and I have better things to do with my money. But I obviously love the franchise and I'm always interested on what Sakurai will do next.
I was disappointed with the previous game, at least the 3DS version. I literally beated it in less than a day and was nothing left to do unless you played online. Some of the most interesting characters like Ryu were DLC and I liked that Smash Run thing... if it was properly developed as a mini-Adventure Mode instead of being filler for fights.
Ultimate redeemed it for me because EVERYONE IS HERE. At least, it had everything from the previous games, 3DS DLC included. I would be fine with Ultimate even if it was just a port and recycled Adventure, Subspace or Run. Even without those or effort to make something new, it would had succeed for me.
Then it added Ridley... then it added Simon Belmont... then it added KING K. ROOL... and when it seemed that couldn't been better without god-tier third-parties or popular characters... Piranha Plant. This is the most delicious trolling I've seen in years. It ruins nothing, just makes the fanboys cry and that's amazing. The fan-reactions in videos are hilarious and the character seems very fun to play. It reminded me of Sandbag from Super Smash Flash 2, which is incredible if you properly know to play it. I bet they originally planned Sandbag but then decided to troll even harder. Goomba would have been too obvious, but the fact this plant moves doing silly jumps and has a flowerpot... is pure magic.
I should say that I love characters with troll potential like Duck Hunt and Mr. Game & Watch. Piranha Plant is taking it up to eleven, I don't know how it could be topped. Maybe if they put three Dr. Mario virus over each other, like the We Bare Bears. Yeah, I will vote for Virus Trio in the next ballot, Dr. Mario needs more representation.
As for Spirits, I don't really get it. I just stick to the fights or platformer modes. Even in Brawl I didn't care for the stickers, this is the same with the silly Smash Run buffs and gimmicks that look like bad Project M mods. I would rather have a little platformer or Metroidvania instead of the Cuphead map with Smash Tour gimmicks. Fuck, just copypasting Adventure or Subspace without cutscenes or better graphics would have hyped me more xD. But I won't hate on the game because, again, it was fine for me since the lizard husbandos. I will probably make troll memes, but even Sakurai does that.
Also, Ganchito predicted the last three characters!

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Do you think when people SAY certain leaks (especially regarding Smash Bros leaks) are real or fake, because they WANT it to be real or fake?

Adam Powell
As I said in the Grinch leak answer, I would love those inclusions. But believing in it just because even if I can tell it's fake would be irrational. Seeing interactions between Smash fans with different opinions, I see they project too much personal preference over logic. People who demand Goku in Smash are CASUALLY Dragon Ball fanboys. I haven't played Super Mario RPG, Majora's Mask, Banjo-Kazooie or Golden Sun and I still would like to see Geno, Skull Kid, Banjo and Isaac for their playstyle. People who still want Human Lucario/OP Ryu should just play Super Smash Flash 2.

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Wasn't something LOTD related supposed to happen recently?

Just a Robit Waiter
Sorry for not putting the description in English too. It says "there may be variations depending on the feedback". Those variations principally were the Solyaris review barely receiving attention and the unscheduled Venom one being "successful".
The October LotD video was uploaded a month and a half ago and the following is planned for November. I don't know the release date because later I will publish a non-Lawl video and there could be another before the LotD. But it will be released in October FOR SURE.

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