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Have you heard about the just recently released trailer for what seems to be an official continuation of Yume Nikki from the creator Kikiyama themselves (If you're curious about what the video is, it's here

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I'm currently watching the teaser and I can't believe it. Yume Nikki hit Steam not so long ago, so it makes sense they are planning something else. There has been merchandising in the official webpage, so Kikiyama may be a mystery, but it exists as an entity that needs money to exist.
For me, the Yume Nikki "sequel" is Gensou, which changes the playstyle to a Metroidvania. But having Madotsuki fighting his nightmares like a badass feels so right. It's a shame that Dream vs. Dream got cancelled, because it would have been taking it to the next level.
As for this new game, it looks more like a "complete version", taking in mind that the original Yume Nikki was supposed to be a demo. Yume 2kki seems to have so much content and fanservice that I feel that will be the model to follow.

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¿Has jugado algun videojuego de SEGA que no haya sido de Sonic? PD: Le deseo una feliz noche buena, una bonita navidad y un prospero año nuevo :)

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Igualmente, a ver si te pasas por mi canal a ver las cosas nuevas!
Actualmente, estoy jugando los Sonic de la época Dreamcast en un emulador de GameCube. Jugué el de tenis en Nintendo DS y los primeros Crazy Taxi varias veces. BD Joe es el mejor personaje de videojuegos :P

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