Ask @AjLichon:

How do you feel about weed and smokers?

Id rather a person smoke weed then cigarettes. Yeah weed is a "drug" but it has never killed anybody, nor gave them cancer. Cigarettes are nasty, they smell bad, no girl thinks they are attractive. I'm not saying go smoke weed, but cigarettes should be the drug.

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Advise for guys?

Don't be an ass for the attention. A girl don't find that attractive at all. It's alright to joke around sometimes, but don't be a complete douche. Don't ask for nudes. That's how you get shut down real quick an get called a fuck boy. Also if your gonna be funny, don't take it to the extreme an be annoying. Try complementing her and stuff. That's all I got✔️

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Like I have said horrible people you get delight out of another persons pain that is just sick

Get the fuck off my ask. I know what pain is. She will never be able to come pair her "pain" to me . She's had a perfect life growing up. She has never had money problems. I'm sorry she has boy issues. That ain't my fucking problem. Last time I checked, she didn't watch her cousin die . She don't know what stress is. She's had everything handed to her. I don't have much, but every thing I do got. I WORKED FOR ALL OF IT. Don't come at me with petty shit like that. If you want me to me "mean", I'll be glad to tell her exactly how I feel. I'm just saying the truth. Bye👌

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