Ask @AjaySavla23:

I have been stalking you for a while now.😍😍 Wanted to ask😻😻 something but couldn't gather🙌 courage to ask directly for this.🙇 I don't know how to put it💕. But I can't resist any more.💟✌ Don't get angry.💯 Don't ignore me👌. It'll be killing.😱 So "kya apka fridge barf sai jmata ha?"😂😂😂

I don't allow ICE to get formed in the fridge just to avoid girls who say "Sweet as sugar,Hard as Ice,Hurt me once and I will kill you twice" 😏

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likes and dislikes?

*Just a post of my likes and dislikes*
-How i met your mother.
-World of dance(specially Fik shun,Dytto).
-people who answer my sarcasm with sarcasm❤
-America's got talent .
-Torrent :p
-people who offer their fav food.
-Narendra Modi(ps: Kejru is CUTE tho)😂
-all the chaats.
-posting pics of jawline,abs,filtered photos.
- people who unfollow on Instagram just to increase their followers.
-people who judge and underestimate others.
-sajid khan movies.
-sending follow for follow questions.

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