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Diana looked at Steve, serious-like. —We need to find the doctor!— The countdown thing was ticking away and the Doctor was the key to stopping it. So.. they started searching the room, hoping to stumble on some clue that would point them to the guy who could fix this mess.

The_wonderwoman’s Profile PhotoDiana☆
- Let's split up!
Steve suggested as they faced the challenge on finding the Doctor.
The urgency of the countdown hung in the air, each seconds were precious in their research.
Meanwhile armed guards entered in the room, their w.ea.pons aimed on them.
Steve, in a gesture of surrender, raised his arms, meeting Diana's gaze.
- It's over, Diana.
He said with a wink, in sign of determination to fight.

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— Rogers!— Diana turned back, only a door separated them from the room but the alert was high and guards were still following them. They didn't have much time to affront all of them..—Let's go!—

The_wonderwoman’s Profile PhotoDiana☆
Steve took a deep breath before continuing to the next door.
The weight of the mission and the high alert heightened the intensity of the situation.
The corridor echoed with the distant sounds of approaching guards, Steve didn't hesitated much and opened the door.
- Let's go
The room was dark, illuminated with few red lights that revealed mysterious machines and equipments.
Steve approached to a screen with glowing numbers and realized that it was a countdown.
- We have to destroy it before
He suggested while his mind raced with possibilities.

2) She went through the room successfully but the loss of communication with him made her feel like she needed to wait for him before continuing

The_wonderwoman’s Profile PhotoDiana☆
As Steve stepped out onto the second floor of the facility, the environment felt different from the first floor.
The dimly lit corridors created a strange atmosphere.
Every shadow seemed to hide a potential threat, his footsteps echoed in the corridor as he moved forward.
He noticed a female figure standing in his path and wearing a white blouse.
- Diana?
He asked as he approached closer


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