Of course

( I've always had a crush on Black Widow. I love badass characters and she's one of them. )


( And not surprising, I've mentioned about it before. 😊)

So is Captain America your second favorite?

( Captain America then Iron Man.)

Nice choices

( Thank you and what about you?)

If I told you then it would give away my identity

( It's okay. 😆)

I think you know my answer 😏

( Captain! 😎)

Lol, I will spam you. No more Steve Rogers gifs.

( Hahaha why?)

Because I am a fangirl and gifs make me giddy. Don't make me spam you with Black Widow 😂

( 😂)

Well, I will leave you be. Thanks for answering my question.

( Thanks to you. 😘)