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What’s your Zodiac ?

I don't blame my shitty behaviour on the alignment of planets on the day i was born

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Well basically it's a dating app? 😂😁

nilanzzzzz’s Profile Photonilanzzzzz
Nope not at all.
It's just silly Indians proving the joke about Indians to be true i.e.
"Every site is a dating site if you are indian enough"

why people don't care

Due to internet, there are just too many people sharing their problems online. We have choice fatigue i.e. to give a damn about who's problem.
It's not like we don't want to care, it's just too much.
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Your Darkest fantasy?

Terminating the concept of visas,
Being able to travel to any country on your own person flying vehicle.
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i hv a boyfriend and i told him but he still likes to talk to me. what does he want?

He Just wants to talk. Nothing else.
No one talks to lonely guys these days.
If it makes him feel any better just by taking to you, let him.
It's the least you can do
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Quote something beautiful or something you really admire

tahatucy’s Profile Photolimrah
We all have two lives,
The second one begins the day we realize we only have one.


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