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PAP Of Followers



I'm honestly sick and tired of this fucking harassment. You think it's ALRIGHT TO TAKE AWAY SOMEONES ACCOUNT AND FRAME THEM? HUNNY, you need a lesson of emotions & feelings.
Firstly, you've harassed my trustworthy friend. You think it's alright to HACK her, scam and AND STEAL HER GROUP?!
I'm really annoyed right now, she's already in pain in real life and then you DOUBLE it. YOU THINK IT'S ALRIGHT TO BE SUCH A PITY ASS PERSON AND DO SUCH THINGS TO @smilerpegasister . It's not alright. She's been fired from TWO groups. (I won't name). JUST BECAUSE OF YOU.
Secondly, HOW would YOU feel if this happened to you. You're such an ignorant disgrace.
Go on, talk behind our backs, your words and actions won't harm us or our friendship.
-Sylvia has a new SKYPE, she won't name due to security reasons.
-Her OFFICIAL ROBLOX is SmilingPumkin.
Love the supporters, and everyone who is supporting Sylvia in this matter!! ♡

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