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@John__Gardner wait i never aplogised to you so idk what you're talking about.
" I get home at 9pm from school everyday." nice excuse because i'm sure that doesn't really happen, lol
"I am in highschool." i didnt really need to know if you're in high school or not, lol..
"Also you were never bullied you were the main one bullying. You made fun of jacob, and my sister. Don't make fun of people especially my family." wait what? i wasn't bullying anyone lol. and it was actually Jacob who was constantly attacking @twerkforliving69 . Jacob even confessed that he was the one that was saying shit, he apologised to me and now we're friends. and, i dont even know your sister so idk what you're talking about.
honestly, making your group private won't solve the issue. you don't understand, do you??

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@John__Gardner "real members" whats real members when half of your group is basically bots. do you consider that as real members? honestly, i don't know why you arent doing anything about the bots because it isn't that hard to remove them. or maybe perhaps you're thirsty for members and not the quality. right from when gir started, all you cared about was the member count. but look at the games, it's all free models and you can't even get a decent runway. how sad.
also, lets not forget about the copied clothing and you consider yourself as a designer?
honestly you need to quit copying designers clothes and get a brain and make your own.
here are some of the examples of what your copied clothing is;
as you can see here, the outfit itself is copied and the extensions by Souledin/Out.
just because you give credit to them, it doesn't make it alright to copy. you don't understand because all you care about is nothing, just a bloody group that has no quality.
also, lets not forget about your profile,
"If you're in any of the groups listed you cannot work at my group, the groups are:
Saber, Difference, and Grim"
i don't understand the point of this, people should be free where they want to work, not you bossing them around and thinking it's alright to not allow some certain groups to work at your group. is it because of the owner? if it is then just ignore them, it isn't hard.
"When grim copies GIR's logo and it looks like a offbrand version"
thats so rude and pathetic of you to say that. a group owner like you, should be showing an example. not comparing other groups, thats just so low lifed & a waste of time. i don't know what you're talking about when you haven't even created one single logo for gir yourself. trust me, it is bloody hard and it's kind of disrespectful to call somebodys time, effort and innovation "offbrand".

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i just wanted to say this to @john__gardner
just because you own a pixelated group that has been constantly been bot with and spammed ads on, doesn't mean that you're great and stuff.
honestly, all you care about is money and not caring about the quality and staff. like, who does that?
i'm sure you wouldn't give zero craps if a staff member was bullied by another staff member because all you care about is your 100 member skype chat with disrespectful people who don't even benefit the group. AND i'm pretty sure that most of them are your friends.
"group up" - i'm sure that isn't a comeback. it just shows how much you're addicted to the member count of your group and your petty 100 skype chat group.
"stf up" - you can't even spell stfu up right. i'm pretty sure you haven't gone to school yet because you can't afford it. thats how dumb you are.
also, lets not forget how you "staff" members constantly kept on attacking me and @twerkforliving69 and you didnt do SHIT. thats how bad of a group owner you are.
the truth hurts, doesn't it john?
i've honestly had enough of this game and thats why i dont play it that much anymore. all i care about right now is my school work and becoming successful. not spending half of my life on pixels and only caring about bots, smh.

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50 facts about you? 🌟😊

ill try
1. my names aliza
2. im british
3. i live in england, UK.
4. im probably like one of the bitchiest people you'll ever meet
5. surprisingly, i love sushi
6. when i go to starbucks/costa i order a hot cocoa
7. my fav color is pastel
8. i have a sibling, hes 17 years old
9. i can speak english, arabic & french
10. im in middle/high skl/secondary skl
11. my favourite animal is a duck
12. my favourite letter in the alphabet is Q
13. ive never drank alcohol
14. im straight
15. i play toontown, animal jam & roblox
16. i was born in january
17. my star sign is aquarius
18. my favourite author is jaqueline wilson
19. i believe in every religion
20. my fav emoji is none
21. i dont have instagram, well i used to
22. i was a former vice pres of silver trademark
23. my fav subject at school is computer studies
24. i still do not know what i want to be when i grow up
25. my favourite word is bleach
26. my first ever roblox friend was @AshDeNut3lla
27. my fav male artists are the weeknd & drake
28. my fav female artists are dua lipa & alessia cara
29. i twin with @twerkforliving69
30. my roblox name is nimbIes
31. i support the LGBT+ community
32. my favourite social media app is snapchat
33. i used to own, joy & modern
34. my current fav songs are is low life by future & the weeknd & scared to be lonely by dua lipa and someone else
35. my favourite fruit is strawberry
36. my favourite food is either rice or chilli & potatoes
37. my favourite brand for food is sainsburys
38. i have a certificate signed by michael murpurgo when i was in yr 3
39. when im not my roblox, i usually like to do my homework or watch youtube videos
40. i probably try to start streaks with almost everyone on snapchat
41. i started a streak with @twerkforliving69 & @mattetiqe
42. two people know my roblox password
43. i dont have a middle name
44. on my first birthday, i celebrated it in a plane
45. when i was a baby, i found the washing machine so satisfying that once i went into it
46. i still have fights with my elder brother
47. i find japanese people satisfying
48. i have a lazy eye
49. i love rats
50. [21:41:59] mimi the cunt: kys
ok done bye

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