Ask @Ala_aladin:

randomQ: when you step on a bug: do you stomp or just lightly press? grind or just flatten? what are your thoughts when you crush one?

I personally stop and alliterate all remains of a insect into the ground by stomping and lightly pressing them. I’d sprinkle salt on it to keep its demonic spirit from coming back and haunting me, only my mother tells me it’s wasteful. My conscious is clear. I think to myself that I am saving the world, especially if it is a spider. Then I’m saving those who suffer from Arachnophobia.

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What's the fastest way to make a situation awkward ?

To completely ignore or laugh at a topic that is very important to someone. Say someone is confessing their feelings for you, if you ignore them or laugh at them for it. Then that’s a great way to make a situation awkward. Or perhaps someone got the job that you’d been wanting. If you laugh at them and are rude to them about the situation, that’s another grand way to make a situation awkward. It’s all in your tone, what words you use, and how close you are to that person really.

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What's one thing that makes you happy? Name only one!

Feeling loved by others, and this doesn’t mean romantically. I am happy when I’m loved in a friendly way the most, because then I know for sure that someone doesn’t want anything more from me. In my opinion, it’s one of the best kinda of love. Right after God’s love for me is the love in friendship.

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Have you ever had any experiences with stepping on bugs?

Yes I have, when I go for walks during the summer there tends to be a lot of cicadas bugs. They always buzz very loudly if I step on them, and this always scares me. Other than that, I don’t usually have problems with stepping on things. Though once I did step on the head of a snake, very scary.

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Tell me about your flaws ?

I feel that this question is a bit personal. I’ll tell you about my minor ones. I have a habit of thinking negatively about myself, this makes feeling comfortable about who I am a challenge. I also tend to take my anger out on others, and over exaggerate if I’m upset. I also give excuses for not doing things I need to do, but that’s pretty rare now because I pay attention to it.

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