Ask @Alanj2007:

Unity, Unreal or CryEngine?

I only used Unity, never with others and it has been a while since I touched Unity, maybe around 3 - 4 years, but Unity is the best for beginner and easy-to-do game engine. If you want to achieve a nice looking game, then you might need some plugins, meanwhile Unreal could be easy, a little hard but it can achieve nice looking game right away cause they already have their own post-processing effects built-in. Unity might have the same thing but idk, I could be wrong.
I know nothing about CryEngine so I can't really help you on that one

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While making games, what do you feel is most important to think about? (throughout the development process)

The most important things to think about is how you gonna pull off what you planned. Try to get some members out there helping you through the development! Also, learn from experiences. Just go through everything you can, you'll learn something somehow through the journey!

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