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i do not like dress shoes. they're uncomfortable and ugly most ofthe time :D i dont even wear dressy up stuff ever. not even to church. :D

HULifeSon’s Profile PhotoLexie
Me either. I just go with a hoodie and throw on some old shoes xD

aw. I have tons of shoes ._. Well not tons. only like one pair of nike one pair of converse two pair of baby phats a pair of boots and a pair of osiris o_o. most i cant even wear anymore cause they're too small.

HULifeSon’s Profile PhotoLexie
I have a pair of fubus and two pairs of Nikes. And some weird dress shoes. Lol

People I know hate spaghetti e_e im like "no. you losers." so you're amaziinggg. oh and whats your fave shoe brand? :3

HULifeSon’s Profile PhotoLexie
Hmm. Idk. Spaghetti is freaking amazing. But I really want converses. But I'm to poor ;-;

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