Ask @AlexanderMorner:

How many crushes have you had?

Oh man... I mean I've had crushes on like a TON of celebrities (we're talking at least 20), but many of my friends and such too. I don't think there's anything wrong with having a little crush here and there, it's nothing serious and I would never ever act on it while being in a relationship. But eh, to answer your question, probably somewhere around 30-40 including celebcrushes lol

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How do you tell if the love you have for a friend is just one between friends or if it has become a crush?

I'd say that if it's between friends, it's like "Oh yeah you're the best one, I'd love to hang out with you" but if it's a crush it's more of "Oh yeah I wanna hang out so you notice me", kinda? Also, crushes are awesome

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