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What is your most played song at the moment?

It wont stop and wrecking ball.

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What will you never do?

Kill someone!

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What scares you more than anything else?

Losing another family member

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Awh thats probably the best thing ive seen in awhile. Stay strong bbyg. He is looking down on you and he knows how much you love him. Hes always by your side. Love u bbyg!;*

Thank you anon. I know he is. It's just something i regret and something i shouldve done. But i'll always love him.

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What is one thing u wld redo. Including relationships && fights 2.?

I would redo going back to the hospital to see my grandfather when he was sick and say i love you and give him a hug because when i went i didnt. I regret it everyday. Its something i cant take back now.

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Can there be friendship between a man and a woman?


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What is the most beautiful car?

I dont know , ask my boyfriend

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Do you think that there are any topics that there should be more movies about?

Anything really

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You are so gorgeous baby


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opinion on mee?


You're gorg and funny but we barley talk and i always see you at the mall

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You are so pretty

thank youu

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What is your favorite social networking site?

No clue i use to many

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What do you usually forget?


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Opinion ? <3 sent to some:)

Gelyza Bermudez

The baby is gorgeous and i miss her

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when i was walking to school, i saw this flower and thought it was the most beautiful thing ive ever seen till i met you!

Aww who is this

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your always looking beautiful and you have the cutest smile <3

Thank you anon(:

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How often do you go to parties?

Im a geek sorry

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love my baby lex<3


Hahahh i love you baby<3

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I love you so much baby :) <333


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i deadass miss you, we were best friends and then we stopped talking:(


Miss ya too punk

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pap of you horny


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ohhh ok

why who is this

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last name is anythony!

His name is anthony ..

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About Lex:

Obey_Lex. Rest In Peace Grampy , i Love You Forever and Always<3. Cheer Is Life