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What do you lack: wisdom, patience, strength?

When You Improve Your Point Of Attraction. The Law Of Attraction Must Bring You Circumstances , Events , Relationships , Experience , Sensations And Powerful Evidence Of Your Vibration...!🖤 As a Human Being Your Mind is Capable of turning your Situations into what you desire if your focus is broad enough.. So never feel anything unachievable due to any reason that is the hurdle between you and that spotlight....🌹

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If you lost memory, would you want to restore it?

اسے برسات میں یاد کیا ، اسے تنہا راتوں میں یاد کیا
یہ تو میرا خدا ہی صرف جانے، اپنے ہر لمحے میں یاد کیا
جانتے ہو نہ مرجھائے پھول کی گزری ساری داستان تم
فقط بس کچھ یوں ہی اک پھول جدائی کی راہ ہوا
بتاوں کیا وہ راستے ، وہ باتیں ، وہ وعدے اور یادیں
اور ہائے وہ راتیں ، وہ چاہتیں ، وہ آنکھیں اور ادائیں
ہوئی جو حد پار کر کے ستم گری بے تحاشا اک زمانہ سے
آخر اپنے ہی ہاتھوں بہت برباد ہوئے ، ہم بہت برباد ہوئے
Memories are the Best and the Worst Gift given to Us by this Cruel World... and by finding the dark room of negativity we lose the very little sight of positivity that is present there in the room.. so in a bad memory there is at least one moment of happiness also. So why risk it all only to escape just a bad chapter..

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Do you understand the feelings of people from their eyes?

ادی آکھاں چھے ہر رنگ او وکھ بیٹھا
بن کہے او گلاں ساریاں سمجھ بیٹھا۔۔!🌹
Logoo ki aankho mei hmaesha haqeeqat chupi hoti hy.. yeh voh dunya hoti jo zuban sy alag hoti. Kuch mushkil nahi hota in ko parh laina.. So , can be a yes and at times might be a no(your answer)..!🖤

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Post Something Worth Reading.🍁

I wanted to write something with a message so here it is..🔥
Where are most of us now going?? Bullying , harassing, loose talking, double faced, friendships and love for own benefits.. We have truly lost the moral we had... our thought is that power is inevitable and how we treat others, we can't ever be treated like that... We have blindfolded ourselves... but there is a saying "you reap what you sow".. we forget what we have been told and depress when same happens to us.. And this is a POISON.. being treating the same way all around even changes the most of us and at end they turn their selves to this cruel reality also.. It's time we all should again bring in the classical morals of honesty, loyality, realism, tolerance, brotherhood, love and harmony into Fashion... May Allah Almighty right my path also for I'm also one of the wrongdoers...💕💕💕

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