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What is the best way to say goodbye to someone you care about that you know you will never see again?

It's been an amazing experience knowing you and damn right will I find you again if you do the same.

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What will be your reaction if the person you love the most comes to you and say she loves you more than you think you can love her ?

that's never gonna happen
* sadly * ...
I'm done having ppl play around with me ...
I'd just walk away like she did when I said the same thing to her ...

Thoughts On That Friend Who Says, They Will Be Single From Now Onwards After A Bad Relationship & Soon Mingles With Another Guy! 😂 S.T.S.I.F #JustFun

AdeebaSiddiquii’s Profile PhotoAdeeba Siddiqui
Friends who are always into dating be like
" Bhai she's the one I finally found her "
And after the split
" She never was perfect .. Someone else is better out der n I think I know who "
( starts off with a new person )
( n here I am still wondering how do I get to talk to one atleast ._. XD )
Yeah that's that :P

Tag A Friend, Whom You Wanted To See Googled By Other's 😄✌ (S.T.A.I.F) #FriendlyQuest #NoHatePls ❤☺

AdeebaSiddiquii’s Profile PhotoAdeeba Siddiqui
firstly :
* Myself * ..
( like who wouldn't want to be googled xP )
2) You ; you be so bindass .. u seem close enuf to my level x'D ( the line I just wrote was a lie .. I'm an idiot.. you be like that humour God *_* )
3) @sidharthrao18 my bud my jaan ..
4) @NawazShaik he be so friendly :') ..
bohot hogaya ab..
Chalo back to reality where we all don't exist on Google search :'O xP

How Would You Treat Your Special One/Dear One's, When You Meet For The First Time Or After Long Time?? 😋 2-3 Lines Atleast 😜 I Wanna See Who Describes The Best!! (Bored S.T.S.I.F)

AdeebaSiddiquii’s Profile PhotoAdeeba Siddiqui
2 kinds of close ppl :D
*the close dost*
*when u meet after a while*
well do the friendly insults first :") ..
den the why did u come meet me xD ..
mein tumhari shakal nahi dekhna chahta tha xP ...
den go to some place and do something/eat and bill bhi usi se bharwao xP ...
den not be a cheapskate and gift em something back :") ..
*The special one*
We meet up ..
* the electric feel is back * :"D ..
butterflies and all other wild animals start wandering in the stomach xP ...
I act like I didnt miss em ..
they do the same ..we sit talk and talk and talk for hours wid no time ka andaja :") ...
** and den all da rest xP iykwim ** ...
yeah that's it maybe xP ...

If i were ur Gf, What special feeling i would experience?

special eh xD ...
well I'd treat you like my queen ;) xP ..
n all I'd say ..
ua da apple to my pie ..
ua da straw to my berry ..
ua da smoke to my high ..
and ua the one I wanna marry ;) xD ...
^ * le fantasy world * ...
like its gonna happen xD ...
but like they say hope and u shall be rewarded ;) :") ...


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