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If feelings could be seen, if they ought to have colours, what colour would you give to the following feelings? (Anger, sadness, jealousy, hatred, disappointment,anxiety, fear, guilt, regret, boredom, hope, passion, happiness)

Like M&M's, Trix and Skittles. Rainbows of colors. Whatever one want's the feelings to be however; a thought was over looked and I'm not telling.

you look beautiful in your 30 😍✨😘 and you can be called completely adult ~ i always watting myself for being 30💞 I wish you all the best on your life & all ur dream come true 💝 have a good time for you too & start ur b'day with smile & a cup Tea ~

I will always keep you in my mind and I will smile. You may not be with me on this day however; your thoughts will always be held dear to me. I would offer you some coffee but I may need a different I will be here for you should there be some thing on your mind. Stay pretty.

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+1 answer in: “Hello sister Alica!💕 Happy B'Day for You🎊🎊🎂 hope all the best in ur life💝 Blessed You & have wonderful day sissy~”

I always being happy & do my best !!! Thank u so much for always being most kind & care person ever 😘 you are too i wanna u always be happier & healthy 😀 btw i gotta sleep now thanks for ur time & beautiful words u spend to mee !

I like writing to you. Sleep well, dream nice things and be safe. X(:

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+12 answers in: “Hey soul sister!!! I'm good 😁 how was your day?? Good night”