Ask @AlifBahin:

Haha our Generation are addicted to phone and how can I cheer you up?

It's not really the phone, it's actually those applications inside the phone that we r addicted at.
There r many ways to cheer me up..
Such as reminds me about Allah or about Rasulullah ﷺ or about death or about Islam.
Other than that, just wish me anything like have a nice day or all the best or goodnight etc. also can cheer me up. I think other people also the same.
If we want to cheer up other people, we just need to think, what's the thing that can make us happy n then do that thing to other people... n_n
Easy said than done isn't✌

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Takdir yang Allah tetapkan semuanya indah indah belaka. Kalau rasa ujian dekat dunia ni berat, ketahuilah ujian di akhirat nanti lagi berat kalau kita tak berjaya harungi ujian dunia. Dalam Al-Quran, banyak kali Allah sebut, "Fa Sabrun Jamil" "Assobaru Minal Iman" tak cukup dengan tu, Allah sebutkan

Tak cukup dengan itu, Allah sebutkan;
إِنَّ ٱللَّهَ مَعَ ٱلصَّٰبِرِينَ
Sesungguhnya, Allah bersama-sama dengan orang yang sabar...
Shout out awak macam tergantung, so, saya main teka je la sambungan nya... n_n
جزاك الله خيرا 💐

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Should you distance yourself from opp gender bestfriend if they have new boy/girlfriend just because you feels like you gonna intrude their relationship? Honest ques here :(

If me, I'll distance myself bcoz as I don't like my woman to be too friendly wif any ajnabi, I'll do the same for any man even if his woman is my best friend... I'm just being reasonable...

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Do you think that you are special to someone ?! 😻

Special is kind of subjective u know... I believe different people defines the word 'special' differently. Someone special to me is someone who deserves something from me, like if she/he wants something from me, there's high possibility that I'll give whatever she/he wants. I believe i'm special to my family but other than my family... hmm... I've no idea because there's no particular reason for me to become special to others.

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