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Es mulk mai kia chutyap ho ra hai? Ye thi imran khan ki revolution?

So, you actually want imran khan to pay off the gift of billion dollars debts right away as he became the PM. You actually want imran khan to bring revolution even when everyone knows the financial crisis that Pakistan is facing. I'm neither supporting him nor criticizing him. I agree he did give high hopes but tell me one politician who hadn't given hopes? It's politics baby. The plus point is he's at least clear from corruption. People are not able to see the bright side but busy spreading hate and criticism. Kabi time nikaal kr us ki government k advantages b dekh lena sara chay-apa smjh aye ga.
Ab ajao sb bandookhein le kr k me ne kia keh dia. :3

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Country: Belgium and I'm European citizenship holder. Profession: High profile investor with great purchasing power. Degree: My degree is similar to Pakistan's BBA. Im quite fascinated with your sublime beauty and want to make you my life partner

*There's such a difference between us
And a million miles.*
So it's a piyar bhra ''no'' and dw idhr udhr dekho ask pr boht milein gi piyari piyari. :3

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