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If you're paddling up a hill in a canoe, and you lose a wheel; how many pancakes can you fit in a box?

none panckes are ew

Is there something amazing you can do but don't want to do because it would take effort to do it?

wait that isnt so amazing

Hey :b Fand had another surgery, she said she wouldn't be back. :/ but pretty much everyone else is still around

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oh :(
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If a person told you that they are stalking you, would that creep you out or would you feel flattered? Why?

I guess a little both
bc its kinda creepy but no one has ever done that so

Would you be capable of loving a mentally and emotionally unstable person with unconditional love? Why / Why not?

mainly because i am one i think

Greetings. There is this person who is wandering around this site and asking everyone questions -- @qatnca . That is NOT me; do not be fooled. That would be all, have a lovely day.



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