Ask @AllieKleidon:

Do you have a friend who makes you feel safe as if you can say anything and they would still stay by your side, if so is the feeling mutual?

Yes I do, my best friend now actually. I can tell her anything and not feel guilty or ashamed and 9/10 she feels the exact same way or is dealing with or thought the same things that I do. I think that’s something that you find over time, when you find someone that you can relate with and who understands you inside and out. It always takes mutual respect and understanding. 😊

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How early is too early to be sexual with a new boyfriend?

Nobody can tell you when it’s too early to do something like that, that is all up to you to decide. If you’re uncomfortable with it and feel that it is too early, then don’t do it. But; if you’re ready and feel like doing it. Go ahead and do it. There’s nothing wrong with it, and shame on anyone who makes you feel otherwise. Just be safe and use necessary precautions. 😊

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Why are girls with pure hearts always deceived?

You know, I actually battle with this question with myself constantly. Because I am one of those girls and I am guilty of this happening to me frequently and that’s because people like to take advantage of other people who have pure intentions and the girls with pure hearts always look past the flaws that the person may hold and burst through all of the red flags; I like to see the good in people, that’s how I always been.

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