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Allison! I'm a huge fan and I've watched all of your videos, and I'm always astounded by your amazing hair. The colors are always so vibrant and bright and I was wondering, what brand of dye do you use? -Maddi

Maddi Polley

I use Manic Panic. It's been my go to for years and I've never been let down by the company. :)

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Hello Allison! I just wanted to ask about your whole wedding experience? Like how did you plan for it, budget it, how you picked all the details for it. I am getting married soon and and I also want a wedding that is not so traditional. You and your wedding is a huge inspiration!

I will make a video on it just for you in the next couple of days. <3 :)

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How did you pay for college? I don't know very much and I trust your advice... Thanks! <3

I took out student loans... However I am still paying for those loans to this day and I have at least 7 years left before my loans are completely paid off.
I would say look at how much you'll make upon graduating college off of your major. Once you've done that make sure you can meet monthly student loan bills off of the salary you'll receive for what profession you went to college for.

It's a rough cycle of work and debt.

SO work hard and get scholarships to add in taking down college prices; ALSO make sure your school is accredited!! (which means your credits you earn can be used at other colleges and you won't have to retake classes.)

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If you have any, would you mind posting some pictures of yourself when you had short hair? I was thinking of cutting mine and yours looked exactly how I wanted mine to look so...that would be helpful ^^

Sure! <3

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Oh my I wanted to cry when I first heard "Under My Wings". ❤❤ Can you tell us more about the song?

It's about seeing a loved one struggling and trying to take the weight off of their shoulders but they want nothing to do with you. You see them struggling to breath and exist, You just want to see them smile again; but they would die before receiving help from you. The story was written about a past relationship.

I can't wait to share the whole new album with you guys! <3

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What is you band called???

Esoterik <3 :)

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Who created the beautiful designs for the band t-shirts you're selling on Store envy?

I personally drew the design. :)

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AHH!!! <3 <3 I love this!! Thank you so much for taking the time to draw me! :))

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Hi! What's your shoe size? (Sorry for the random question)

8 sometimes 7 1/2

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Thank you so much for inspiring me :)

Thank you so much for letting me know I inspire you. <3

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How did you come up with your youtube name?

In high school my close friends used to call me Kaz...and well I LOVE bats... So I just went with 'kazlovesbats' and actually never even planned on posting youtube videos... I just started posting them one day and ended up loving the whole process. :)

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Sorry if this is too personal, but how old is Brady? And will youse ever do the boyfriend/fiancée tag? Also do you have a PO box when fans can send items as I wish to send you both gifts after the wedding? :)

I really need to open a P.O Box...I will look into the process after Brady and I get married this upcoming Saturday. :)
Brady is 32 years young and he doesn't really enjoy being on the world wide web so I probably won't do a boyfriend/fiance tag. We'll see though... <3

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Where can I get mens deathrock clothing for a decent price

Thrift stores and Second hand shops. :)

(That's where I get almost all of my clothes.)

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Do you and brady want kids and if so what would you call them?

We want kids later on in life once we've settled down slightly from traveling and adventuring; Our first girl will be named Liisu Elva and our first boy will be named Conor Mccommas.

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What is for you the highest form of art?

All forms of art are of the highest form.

Being able to express yourself is a high form of art.

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sorry if this is too personal, but what happened to the message to your parents video?

I felt like it didn't represent me properly any more... so I took it down. I'll do an updated video on the issues of being a goth with un-accepting close minded parents some time in the future. :)

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Did you think about wearing some light brown clothes? You'd look even more like a cute, cute fairy :3

I adore earth tones and actually own a few garments in earth tones... however I don't like wearing non-black clothing... It may sound silly but I feel strange or misplaced when I add any color into the equation :p

and thank you!! I love the fae. :)

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what you think about plus size or fat girls being goth ? xc im plus size and sometimes I feel weird how people look at me I guess they think that all goth girls are skinny D: and do you like xmal Deutschland? ^^ if you wanna add me in insta my username its Mondlicht and sorry im bothering

I think any body size can be goth... It's not about the body size after all. It's about what makes you happy and makes you feel most comfortable. <3
I absolutely LOVE xmal deutsland! and I'll search for you on instagram here in a moment. :)

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I know you did a video on jobs that goths can get. Should I just search for jobs that don't have customer interaction or what? Right now I work for campus security at night, no one really cares what I look like since i'm a student. I'm pretty sure that changes when out of college.

In the USA I know a lot of Retail stores hire unique people, along with hair salons or beauty stores, and as far as a well paying job; I used to work in Aerospace as a weld inspector and that is ideal for a person who would like to keep their individual look.... In fact I believe there are a lot of jobs in Aerospace that hire people no matter the appearance.
Welders can also look however they please...
ALSO! Halloween stores/Magic Shops adore how we look and hire goth individuals on the drop of a dime.

This is really all I have to offer as far as knowledge goes for places that accept goth looks.... I personally work as a store manager in retail which pays handsomely.
One day I would like to be a District manager or get hired at the home office.

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Please do another "A day in the life of Kazlovesbats" video, I think it would be very fun and interesting ^^ To see you having fun with your band or clubbing at Hilo or such is always so exiting to me cause I love to see you being so happy and inspired all the time ❤

Thank you so much for watching my videos!! I'll do my best to record another one of these videos soon.... Halloween stores will be opening up September 1st so I will be doing a few videos touring local popular Halloween specialty stores. <3 :)

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Allison, i just HAD to tell you how much i enjoy your videos and your personality. You're so present and intelligent, and the amount of kind vibes i get just from watching your videos is wonderful. It is unfortunately so difficult to find kindness like yours. Love from Hawaii <3

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch my videos and for letting me know how they make you feel. <3 I love getting feedback about my channel :)

I sincerely hope to be able to continue giving out positive energy and radiate white light. :)

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Sometimes you remind me of Lady Gaga... not with your appearance, but with the messages you give out. What do you think of her?

I think that it's great Lady Gaga has been a positive influence for so many people; but in all honesty I have disliked Lady Gaga's music from the beginning (it's not my cup of tea) and I've disliked many things she has done to musicians under her label I personally know.

BUT, with that said, I think it's great that she had a dream to be a musician and that she went toward that dream full force.

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Isn't it too early for Esoterik's second album? (I mean that's awesome; I really enjoy your music but I am just curious.)

We wrote, recorded and copyrighted Esoterik's first album early 2013 so I believe releasing this next album January 2015 is a good gap in years. :)

We've improved so much as musicians and we can't wait to share our new sound with all of our fans and followers. <3

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So i've seen a lot of people tagging "gothgoth" on tumblr and instagram and im kinda confused onto why exactly?

The term goth gets tossed around carelessly on social media so to weed through the non-goth photos being tagged as goth people who have been in the goth scene for awhile started tagging their photos gothgoth and then it caught on with the goth scene. It's like an unspoken thing.

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What do you think Conchita Wurst?

I ADORE Conchita Wurst! What a strong spirit!!

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