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Have you ever met someone and felt right away that they really didn't like you, that you were just being tolerated?

That is how I imagine many people view me. In my case, it’s mostly a byproduct of low self-esteem and trust issues. I have trouble discerning whether or not I’m just overthinking things. But I’m trying to work on that.

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why is it that people cant stay in a long term relationship anymore? i know the answer but from you it will be different i think

Travis Allen Giacomo
People can stay in long term relationships.
I can’t say why all relationships end, but I can name one reason: lack of commitment.
Before I proceed, it is important to make one thing clear: love is not a feeling, it is something you do (i.e. an action). When your heart flutters or skips a beat, that is infatuation, not love. Love is taking the time to hear how hard their day was, love is trying to understand their side before giving yours, love is focusing on them more than yourself. There is no crystal clear definition of love; it can be vague and confusing.
Now that that’s out of the way, a relationship can fail when a person confuses love as a feeling instead of as an action. Feelings are fickle; they come and go, and morph almost constantly. If a relationship is built only upon the foundation of feelings—something unpredictable—then it’s not a stable relationship. People who see love as a feeling are the ones who give up on the relationship when the going gets tough, who break up saying “there’s just no spark anymore.” For a relationship to last, something more than feelings has to act as support. Hence commitment. Relationships are built to last when all parties involved commit to loving each other and re-commit to loving each other again and again and again. When people commit to loving each other, they understand that the ride will get bumpy but push forward anyway because they choose to love one another. Commitment is not always romantic or fun, but it is love and it is strong.

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