Ask @AlphaChapterSGRho:

I want to know what is it about your sorority that makes it different from the others? Aren't all sororities the same?

As a National Pan-Hellenic Council Greek organization, our recruitment process differs a little bit from the Panhellenic council. We have an informational, an application/interview process and then intake. This can give you the chance to really research and then chose what group you would like to be a part of, instead of having a different process choose for you. We also focus on service more than philanthropy. Sigma Gamma Rho does a lot of service in the community and for our various programs, like the Wee Savers program, which educates kids on money saving; or the Operation Big Book Bag program, which helps kids get the school supplies they need. But, what makes us stand out most from other social sororities, is that we have a deep rooted history in education. Our sorority was founded in 1922 by seven school teachers. Each had a passion for teaching, and that is why many of our programs focus on education, and in most cases, education of youth! Though the organization accepts membership from women whether they are studying education or not, everyone seems to have a passion for education some way or an another!
I hope I answered you question! It is a broad one, so if I did not touch on what you need, feel free to ask about something else!!!

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do yall do parties and stuff? I love serving my community but im tryna have fun too!

As a member of the Divine 9, we do attend and participate in social events such as parties, step shows, and stroll competition. We also believe in cultural events like visiting museums and attending heritage festivals. Although we do all of these things, you definitely hear more about us serving our community and education because that is our primary focus...BUT we are not all work and no play.

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What types of events do you all hold?

Sigma Gamma Rho addresses the concerns of the community. The sorority focuses on national projects such as teaching financial literacy to children while each individual chapter may have their own signature event. For instance, each year we have the Anti-Raw bash which focuses on safe sex and HIV/AIDS awareness

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