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I want to improve my english im neither a beginner nor an expert. I want to speak eng fluently which i cant .People make fun of me 😢😢 i feel ashamed 😞 Pls guys suggest me some gud measures to improve my vocabulary and grammer or tell me some good eng lang institute in karachi

If you're a female then i am ready to help you

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What life altering things should every human ideally get to experience at least once in their lives?

We should experience:
1) A heartbreak( Guess what, life move on)
2) A solo trip( there are some places in life where you can only go alone)
3) Conquering your fear( Everything you want is on other side of fear)
4) Being fearless (Once you become fearless life becomes limitless)
5) Failure ( Failure defeats losers but it inspires winners)
6) Being the best at what you do ( Be the best )
7) Living alone ( Be on your own)
8) Road trip ( Take life as a trip and plan your next vacation)
Atleast try one thing please bare dil ki gehraion sa jawab dia hai kasam sa

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What’s your favorite way to have fun?

I don't know why some people spread hate about shia's that they do matam lets suppose a young son died what will her mother do ? Kyun kehtay hain ka us ghar main maut ka matam hai tu bhai zara soucho ka kitnay shaheed huye jawan bachay tu kya unkay ghum mai yeh sab karna kufar hogaya i know khoon apna zaya nai karien kisi zaroorat mand ko dedaien but still some people's are still alive who just spread hate you can respect there way they don't harm you i'm not a shia nor a sunni ek sajda karta hoon allah ko chai hath band ka karoon ya hath khol ka peace out 🙏

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