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I hope this ends soon, and that you and everyone you love, manage to get out of all this safe and sound. Alina, I wish you the best. I say it from my heart. May God keep them.

Thank you William for your support! We will win 🇺🇦✊🏻 maybe you have an Instagram?

At least I can see that you're okay, I was worried about you. We have seen terrible episodes that are happening in your country, and believe me that the world is against it; Nobody approves of this war. I feel very helpless not being able to help...

it's really awful and true. Putin is a sick man. Ukraine does not need to be saved, it is already free. I really want the Russians to overthrow him.

Alina, how are you? What is happening in your country is worrying. I hope you are well... (William)

William, hi! Terrible events are taking place in our country😞🇺🇦🕊 We do not want war

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Алина, как дела? Меня беспокоит то, что происходит в вашей стране(

Никак (( Россия продолжает наступать..

Are you controlling the high temperature? Any special medicine? Is your mood really bad? Have you had COVID before? I hope that next week you are completely well) It is my wish for you, that this ends as soon as possible.

I had a high temperature for only two days… I’m in a good mood, I’m resting from the office 😏 No, I didn’t have covid before. I hope this was the first and last time. William, tell us about yourself 😅

How are you, Alina? I hope that boy named Omicron has let you rest from so many discomforts to your health)

hello))) thanks, everything is fine already 👌 today I will do the test for the third time and see what it shows 😅

But are you vaccinated? Are your symptoms very severe? Are you taking any medicine that helps you? I just hope that in a few more days you will be better. I really wish you get better)

thank you)) yes, I'm vaccinated. Symptoms similar to a cold, but high fever, weakness and constantly want to sleep. Now the temperature is not so high ... I hope everything will be ok soon

A year working, then soon you will have a vacation?)) It is important to do what you like. Good for you) About who am I? How to answer that question if I am a complete stranger, living at the end of the world? (In any case, my name is William. And yours, is Alina?

I was already on vacation 🏂 Yes, William, I'm Alina 😅😅😅

How!? So there was never a photo with a guitar? :/ Probably my imagination has betrayed me)) It's just that for a moment in my mind I saw you playing a great guitar solo, like a rock star)

Lol 😂😂

So exhausted do you end up after your work? I understand that about being like a zombie, but I'm worried that you'll become like one of them, like in the movies))

I don't think this will happen😂

It is true that there is a lot of spam on this social network, I did not use it for the same reason. I hope you are not a computer program pretending to be a person)) Just kidding. Although that could happen? What do you think?))

No, I definitely do not spam, because I answer you in "personal questions"😛

Have you been in that job for a long time? At least, is it a job in which you are comfortable?)

already a year)) yes, I like it. Who are you and what is your name?

I'm sure you would look fabulous playing that guitar you have in the picture)

in which picture? I don't have any photos and pictures of the guitar here)))

It is likely that the job does not want you to spend your time on other interests such as playing the guitar))

Apparently ((but I still like my work, but after it I'm like a zombie 🥴😂

Why do you say you still don't play guitar? Do you think to learn? You like it? Do you like any other musical instrument, singing or something else?

I'm interested in the guitar, but I don't have time yet because of work((

English? I would say a little. Are you comfortable speaking in English? If so, I would gladly do it)

Yes)) cause I don't know your language

Почему в инстаграме не отвечаешь мне?

Если не отвечаю -значит не хочу , логично?)


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